Email for Startups PART 2: The Next-Level Rules of Email Marketing For Startups

Susan Su at 500 Startups shares the 7+ “Golden Rules” of email marketing for startups, including a few next-level secrets:

– how to build the highest quality email list possible

– the biggest “marketing un-secret” that startup founders are missing

– how to have SUBJECT LINE game, and what words you should never use

– a/b and multivariate testing: when, what and who SHOULDN’T test

– getting past Promotions inbox

– lots more! Watch the video 🙂

Susan is a partner at 500 Startups, and specializes in helping portfolio companies with growth through inbound / content marketing and email.

She is also the creator of the Email For Startups Ultimate Email Playbook (43 scripts for startups to steal) at http://emailforstartups.com/ultimate-email-playbook