What is Email Marketing – Part 1 | Email Marketing Tutorial | Learn Email Marketing | Edureka

This Email Marketing Course, will introduce attendees to the world of Email Marketing, which Marketers can use to strategize, create, execute and monitor Email Marketing campaigns successfully. The course will cover different nuances of Email Marketing and how it can be used for meeting your marketing objectives. The course will also cover templates and tools (both free and paid) helpful for developing email campaigns. Also we will focus on a case study based approach to drive key learnings starting from very basic to a fairly advanced level.

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This video helps you to learn following topics :
1.Why email marketing should matter to you
2.Performance 3 R’S
3.Time Spent with digital media per day
4.Email vs rest:Numbers Game
5.Email vs Offline: Comparing Measurability
6.Email vs social media marketing
7.Email vs social media:Comparing CTRs

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