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Email Marketing is incredible profitable. Research has shown that for every 1 USD that is invested in email marketing, the investment results in 44 USD in return. This is an amazing figure in itself. Almost every single service on the internet requires an email address to register, which results in that email is still the best way to reach most people around the globe.

With MailerBee, the white labeled / rebrandable, turnkey business and email marketing service, any business that becomes a reseller, will now have the chance to sell the rebranded MailerBee email marketing service as their own under their own brand, thereby enabling themselves to increase their margins with no other investment other than a bit of time by configuring and following the tutorial videos that we have made available for resellers.

Some say: “We are already a business partner of XYZ, ZYX or YXZ” or some other player. Actually what they don’t realize is that every single time that they mention those companies’ brands, they build THEIR brands by investing their own reputation into brands that they don’t control, nor benefit from. This means that the ones mentioning their names actually have very little to gain and far more to lose. Any of their competitors can out-compete them to take their customers or the customers can go to the provider themselves, the prices are still the same.

The MailerBee email marketing service is directed towards companies that have realized that their own brand is of crucial importance to their own business. Instead of marketing an external party’s brand name, they market their own. In fact, when they build their own brand the values of their companies increases since this can be registered in accounting as an immaterial asset. It’s impossible to register someone else’s brand in their books!

The MailerBee email marketing service is an all-in-one service, a comprehensive, versatile and extremely profitable service that is made available as a turnkey business for resellers to sell and support as if it is their own service. Not only that, since we have set the base prices really low, the MailerBee service is also able to be sold to just about any country around the world. If your market can take a higher price, you are more than welcome to raise the base prices as much as you want using the pricing tool that we provide for resellers. The margin in percent will still be the same, but your business will generate more revenue.

Once you have become a reseller, you can start scheduling sales meetings with your new or existing customers because the sales presentations are already there, ready to be rebranded as your company’s own. Or why not use the website that is part of the reseller program!? Once that is set up and you have configured the MailerBee email marketing service under your own brand, you can start driving traffic to it from Google Ads, Facebook or other social media to generate customer accounts and get recurring revenue.

You as a reseller will have 37% margin of every sold subscription that we deliver under your brand, 37% margin of the markup of the SMSs sold via the MailerBee email marketing service and you will have 100% margin on our course material, our integration guides etc. The MailerBee email marketing service is not only a SaaS web based service, it’s also a market that you as a reseller can use to sell a lot of additional services such as consulting in managing campaigns to your customers, integrating your rebranded service with your customers’ e-commerce platforms etc.

There are so many things that are included as being a reseller. Included are also a massive set of reseller business support, rebrandable sales presentations, rebrandable course material, a rebrandable sales & support site, automatic invoicing (can be disabled if you need to send one invoice for all the services that you deliver), rebrandable email marketing ebooks that you can send to your customers free of charge and thereby appear as the natural partner to talk email marketing to. Not only that, if your business targets countries where SMS is big for carrying marketing campaigns, we also provide the opportunity for resellers to resell SMS at very competetitive prices and earn a 37% margin on the markup of those as well. Our solution for sending SMS is far better than regular SMS tool providers in that you can create your news letters, then send the campaigns as SMS messages also containing a link to the newsletter you just created. This means that your SMS campaigns will look much more professional.

Did we tell you that of course the emails created in your rebranded MailerBee service can be composed using an editor for creating responsive templates?

For more information about the MailerBee Email Marketing Service, then please visit https://mailerbee.com .

Please note! Availability of features is depending on the chosen feature package and price plan.


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