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Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, VP Ads Facebook – Online Marketing Rockstars Keynote | OMR17

Understand, adapt, commit: Three rules for innovators. In the opening keynote at OMR Festival 2017, Boz discusses his beginnings at Facebook, his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg, the three factors essential to every business’ ability to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing global marketplace.

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At OMR, we see ourselves as an online marketing platform for industry professionals by industry professionals. In just over 5 years, we have grown from one-day workshop in Hamburg, Germany to a diversified platform that gives voice to the latest industry-wide trends and innovations. Our range of products include the annual OMR Festival with big-name international speakers, stellar networking opportunities and unique industry insights, our German and English-language blogs, our weekly podcasts, monthly reports, jobs portal, and many more. Our diversified product portfolio has reinforced our market position as an international event and media brand for the latest marketing trends and insights in Germany and beyond.

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