Email Marketing Best Practices

https://lawrensmith.leadpages.net/video-background-mttb/ Email marketing is a great way for you to generate leads and convert more prospects for your business. With that in mind, it is important that make your email marketing campaigns be more effective by utilizing email marketing best practices. Below I share some best practices you can use to generate more leads for your business.

1. Use incentives to increase open rates: by including an incentive in your subject line, you can increase the open rates by as much as 50%.

2. Make sure your emails are readable by most people. If you have to include images in your email content, make sure your email content makes sense to readers, even if the images are not displayed. Never insert email images that are supposed to be downloaded from the web, as they are automatically blocked by most email client software programs. Do not nest scripts in your HTML message.

If possible, send your marketing emails as plain text.

3. Your landing page should match the email in terms of headline, copy and content. The look and feel of your landing page should also match the email. And make sure you’re using tracking tools to see which emails and landing pages performed the best.

4. Use autoreponders for opt-ins. Be prepared for your readers to forget that they opted in. Setup autoresponder messages reminding your subscribers that they opted into your database. The autoresponder messages should go out 1 day, 5 days, and 10 days after the person subscribes or you could include a reminder in all of your messages at the bottom of every email.

5. Avoid overused terms. The popularity and prevalence of marketing emails means that many of the go-to terms used by email marketers have become stale. Look for new ways to say terms like:

– Unique/Innovative
– Largest Selection
– Best Price
– Simple/Easy
– Free Gift

Do you have any additional suggestions? Share your insight with the community in the comments section.


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