Free Email Marketing Software for Newbie

Recommend you two amazing email marketing software that offers you free plan within 2,000 subscribers limit, which are totally suitable for newbie!

List of recommended email marketing software:
1. http://www.benchmarkemail.com/
2. http://www.mailpoet.com/

I’m literally talking from my experience using them, especially when I was a newbie in marketing. They have helped me a lot on building good email marketing campaign!

Too lazy to watch throughout the video?
Check out the video timeline:

0:00 – Introduction, what do email marketing provide?
0:45 – Why I wanted to make this video?
1:52 – Why choose free starter plan from recommended email marketing software?
3:33 – First recommendation of email marketing software for newbie: Benchmark, I use this software when I was a newbie
4:20- 1st Feature of Benchmark: Integration with social network media
05:29 – 2nd Feature of Benchmark: Provisions of amazing email templates
07:43 – Second recommendation of email marketing software for newbie: MailPoet, I’m using this software!
10:25 – Showing you MailPoet plugin in my WordPress dashboard, see how the email template looks like.
11:11 – Amazing features of MailPoet: Main reason why I chose this

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