How do I build an email list from scratch ( Email Marketing)

Question- What are some ways to build an email marketing list when you have no audience or clients yet in your start up?
A – If you want to build a list of emails that is relevant for your business – which in my opinion should be your aim – you can consider the following methods.
Make a website and start a blog. Plan 10 blog posts. Make a blog post launching the site and the blog, and invite people to subscribe to receive the 10 blog posts as they are made. Aim for 1-2 blog posts per week. Promote this initiative in every social media channel possible and ask your friends and family to share it. To further improve traffic to subscription ratio, use CRO tools such as HelloBar and OptinMonster.
Create social media accounts in any relevant social media network. LinkedIn is not the only B2B network, you can do business via Facebook, Twitter and even Quora. For LinkedIn and Facebook, post in relevant groups; for Twitter, use relevant # / hashtags; for Quora, follow the relevant topics and interact with the community and wherever relevant mention your start up and insert a call to action.
Make a survey: especially in the B2B markets – surveys are a good way to boost your email lists. It’s all in the promise of what they will receive by filling in the survey and leaving their email in the end. In this way, a survey will net you: emails, potential leads, data & insights for content creation – and some authority in the field.
All three of these ways are in essence organic. There are time costs, and sometimes costs like buying a domain or survey tool account. But in the long run, these will be the people who will have a higher lead-to-pay conversion than any other means.
Hope it helps!”

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