How to Create a Successful Email Campaign In Mailchimp

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In this video I’m going to show you how to create an email campaign in MailChimp. So this is the MailChimp – but when you log in to MailChimp this is the first page the first thing you’re going to do is click the Create campaign pretty easy then you’re going to click create an email down here they’ve changed this recently but now it starts to get more familiar with how it used to be. So there’s a few different types there’s a regular and automated a plain text or in A B test. So regular is just a regular old email you can also do a plain text one which is doesn’t have all the graphics it’s just email the kind of email almost like you would send a friend automated it we’ll talk about in a separate video it’s for adding to your automation lists. So when someone signs up for your email they’ll automatically get this email and that one does I do think requires a pay plan but my favorite type of email the one that we’ll do in this video is it a be test email and with an a/b test email you can split test different subject lines split test different body copy split test a few other things and we’ll talk about that.

We’ll click a be test we’re going to name this email to twenty five twenty five k and we’re going to be creating an email for a product that I created a course a complete ecommerce course we’re going to be doing that together here. So the next thing is you choose a list now I have a few different lists from different company but the one I’m going to pick today is by effectively Ecommerce list might be dancer a list my main ecommerce company is much bigger but effective Ecommerce system now we have once again a few different options we intend to the entire list which sometimes you want to do but usually will not you can send it to a save or a prebuilt segment I have a bunch different segments and a little bit more advanced before we’ll go over this in a separate video or we can do a blue for a new segment. So the benefit of this is we can filter down even further we can say we want to send us an email to anybody that was added on a date after date added is after whatever the last campaign went out or a specific date I can say you know what I only want to send this campaign to people that were added to my email list after May st and if we click update recipient County I had people that added after May st and I can do other things like that one of the things that is interesting to see when we find it here there’s MailChimp groups once again it’s probably going to be for a separate view I’ll do a complete tutorial video on MailChimp customers if they’ve already bought in my Ecommerce profit plan I don’t want to send it to them and let’s go ahead none of.

I had one of the people that have bought in the plan said we want to go done. So that leaves us with two thousand five hundred and eleven people on my email list. So we’re going to click Next. Basically we’re sending it to everybody with not who’s on my email list but it’s not purchased. So this is where we pick what we want to split we can split test the subject line which is usually what I recommend the prom name content for the sentence end times another very good one content also good but maybe a little bit more advanced from name can be very beneficial in fact I’ll tell a quick story for my main company be danceWorks we split tested the from name of semi marciana I’m mom and co-owner of that business and Britney Jones pretty jones is a made-up name as a made-up person and the Britney Jones one had a ten percent higher open rate actually maybe even more than that but it was there’s a huge I think is actually thirty percent thirty percent higher open rate huge difference. So let’s say we’re going to split test a subject line now we have a beautiful we have an option down here what we can do is split test only using fifty percent. So let’s say that we have an email list of two thousand people what MailChimp would do is send both subject lines to five hundred people. So it’ll send it to a thousand people the two subject lines and let’s say subject line a subject line a it’s more open it’ll send subject line a to the remaining thousand people.
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