How to set up Mailchimp in Your Shopify Store for Email Marketing

Learn the best email marketing idea may be summed up in just 3 words. If you are thinking about running your own profitable shopify store or any online store, email marketing is one of the mos important skills that you have to learn. Think about this concept from the customer’s point of view. They are already barraged with marketing from a variety of sources and they get tired of feeling as if the business owner is only interested in the money they have in their wallet or the credit their willing to accept to purchase your products or services.

If you are a newbie going to your own shopify store, or an entrepreneur still wondering whether to use shopify to build a store, hop on to http://www.dragoncarps.com and get your access to exclusive video tutorials. These video tutorials are suitable for you if you:
1. Have a Family to Take Care of. Having Limited Budget to Kick-start or Run a Store.

2. No money to run any more Ads (or Facebook Ads!) No problem!

3. Just starting out. Limited financial resources!

When you use email marketing to educate and inform customers about your product or service you make significant strides toward the ideal goal of giving to get. In this short video tutorial, learn how you can connect and integrate Mailchimp into your shopify store, how to link it up to the Newsletter in the shopify store and how to set up a simple yet effective pop up using only Mailchimp, and save money!

If you are struggling and yet to make a single sale in your store, get access to exclusive tutorial here where i share with you the things to fix in your store, that makes the difference!

You may sign up for a shopify account and get started:


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