Mad Mimi Email Marketing Webinar: Drip Campaigns!

Join Aaron from the Mad Mimi Email Marketing team, as he discusses all the uses, benefits, and tricks of using the Mad Mimi Drip Campaign feature. This is what we call our autoresponders — they’re free and easy to use.

We discussed setting up a Drip Campaign in your account, and cloning to an existing promotion into it. Set your send frequency, and mailing details.

Learn more about all these details, here: http://help.madmimi.com/everything-drip-campaigns-auto-responders/

There’s so many uses for Drip Campaigns, to build your business and grow your audience. Read more about different ideas for Drip Campaigns, here: http://blog.madmimi.com/21-autoresponder-ideas/

And here, for some lovely, ladies-specific examples: http://blog.madmimi.com/woman-powered-drip-campaigns/

And for photographers, here: http://blog.madmimi.com/autoresponders-for-photographers/

Use Drip Campaigns as automated welcome emails for your signups, or for tutorials or class series. You can even use them in conjunction with our Link-to-List feature, to follow-up after an RSVP.

The Link-to-List feature allows you to have someone added to a certain list in your audience, when they click on a link in your email. Simply add the link like normal, and then select to add clickers to a specific list.

Find out more about the Link-to-List feature, here: http://help.madmimi.com/connect-your-email-newsletter-links-to-your-lists/

We also covered using custom audience fields as personalization tags. These are fields for each audience member, like first name and last name. Then you can place a shortcode in your email text to have Mimi automatically substitute the field data in each email that’s sent out.

Learn more about personalization tags, and using a “fallback” parameter, in case there’s no data: http://help.madmimi.com/do-you-support-personalization-tags-e-g-dear-first_name/

Then, we even covered our brand new feature called “Triggers”. You can use any custom field that’s a date, and set up an automatic email to send on that date for that audience member. Simply turn on the feature in your Add Things menu, and follow the prompts.

Learn more about the new Triggers feature, here: http://help.madmimi.com/send-emails-based-date-triggers/

Thanks for joining us, and as always, keep in touch with any more questions at support@madmimi.com

Happy emailing!


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