Making Money In Email Marketing

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OK Guys… here’s the thing about making money with email marketing. This is a HUGE business and it has HUGE potential (I know personally) but you have to learn some things and do it right.

I spoke about the Jimmy Kim program (see my previous video) and it will teach you the basics of getting started. It will even take you step by step and teach you to launch a campaign but here’s the thing…

Jimmy Kim offers solo ads for sale and you do NOT need to buy his solo ads. You can find tons of solo ad sellers out there. Some are good and many are junk. Be careful!!! Also make sure you’re buying TARGETED solos!!!!! (Again, see my course in the money pages at http://www.TheKinghumanElite.com)

You need to know the demographics of your target for the given product. Also, look at my funnel clicks course, media buying, and buying LEADS! Don’t think you’re limited to just untargeted solo ads!!!

Also I recommend using Aweber AND Getresponse as your autoresponders. Keep your list clean, don’t do any blackhat crap, be honest, build a relationship with your list, and back up your list often!

It may take you some time to build your business but this can be a REAL money maker for you (if done right) and it is a HUGE money maker for guys like me and Jimmy Kim – so I speak from experience.

Anyway, I wish you all the best and maximum respect my friends,


Link to this video: http://youtu.be/wCAZil4mxas

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