MLM Email Marketing: A MLM Email that Will Attract More Reps to You

MLM Email Marketing: A MLM Email that Will Attract More Reps to You http://recruit.earnmoneywithangela.com Discover how to effectively use mlm email marketing to recruit more reps into your mlm.

Looking for mlm email marketing tips that can help you sponsor reps all online through email without picking up the phone or cold calling leads? Want to be able to recruit reps at the click of a button easily?

Well in this mlm email marketing video discover a powerful email that you can send to your mlm email leads to get them more attracted to joining you in your business.

What is this email type? This is the “Get real email”. In this email type, you get real with your email leads and share with them a personal challenge or struggle you overcome in your business. Why does this work? It humanizes you and it builds trust. It shows that you are a real person. It also builds trust because when you share that this business is not all glamorous but there will be challenges you will have to overcome, and that will help you stand out from other marketers.

I did this in my business. I do an email video series called “behind the online business” where I get real and share the challenges I have overcome in my business. In one of my video series, I talked about the challenge I was facing with doing video marketing and how time consuming it was. But, I shared a solution I discovered to overcome that challenge, I shared a strategy called batching where I do all of my videos at once to help me reduce the time doing video marketing. I was able to get someone to signup with me from this video.

Don’t be afraid to look imperfect.

The key to this strategy is to not talk about your struggles while you are going through it. Instead, get real when you have already discovered a solution to your struggle or after you have already implemented the solution and got results.

This is how you master mlm email marketing. I learned this effective mlm email strategy after I invested in the training here: http://recruit.earnmoneywithangela.com

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