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My Advanced Online Marketing Funnel Template Revealed

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In this video you will learn the advanced marketing funnel template to take the simple marketing funnel you learned in the previous video and kick it up a notch with two additional profit centers.

This marketing funnel is designed to ‘catch’ people who are leaving from your first offer to give them a second offer as a way to generate extra sales.

In addition, this funnel includes a one-click upsell that you can position immediately after the checkout to increase your average order value without requiring the customer to enter their credit card information a second time.

This removes a huge barrier as the process of pulling out one’s credit card and entering the data is a major opportunity to lose a sale.

All the while, this funnel will continue to grow your email list for you with a higher potential to generate positive cash flow from the front end of your funnel.

Now this is called an Advanced Self Liquidating Funnel, because the goal here is still to ‘liquidate’ the cost of your Pay Per Click advertising. Said another way, the goal is to get the sales from this funnel to cover your advertising costs so you are technically out of pocket nothing.

When you optimize this funnel to generate $2 in revenue for every $1 spent in pay per click ads, you have a formula to double your ad budgets, buying even more traffic and generating more sales and email subscribers, all while making money from your cashflow positive campaigns.

There are several steps and moving parts that you need to optimize to get this funnel working at its peak efficiency, but all in all, it is a worthy and profitable challenge that I highly recommend you take on.

If you don’t have a funnel setup yet, it is best that you start with the simple sales funnel which I covered in the video here:

Once you have this first simple funnel functional, you can easily add on the additional components from this Advanced Marketing Funnel.

If you need help figuring out the technology to create and optimize a marketing funnel like this one that includes a shopping cart, exit pops and upsells, I recommend ClickFunnels which you can get a free trial of, here:

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