Restaurant Marketing Ideas – Email Marketing / Email Newsletters

Restaurant Marketing Ideas – Email Marketing / Email Newsletters
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Email marketing is without doubt the most powerful marketing tool available to a restaurant today. I have lost count of the number of restaurants that I have seen not only survive but thrive after they started the simple process of keeping in touch with their customers by email. I have even seen restaurants who have been able to stop all other forms of paid advertising due to the results from their own email newsletter.

Building a relationship with your customers via email allows you to keep them up to date on your restaurant, your menu and your special offers.

With email marketing, you’ll be able to reach people in the comfort of their own home – or wherever they are, as many people check their email on their mobile phone. In other words, you can keep your restaurant in the forefront of their minds when they are looking to eat out or have a takeaway.

Email is a great tool for relationship-building with your customers because you have the ability to personalise your communication – creating trust and credibility.

Your responses will be delivered instantly and the emails are traceable so it’s easy to track how well your campaigns are working for you.

The great news is that it’s very easy (and cheap) to create an email newsletter for your restaurant using software such as Getresponse who I have used to run my own newsletters and those of my
clients for over 10 years. They make it very simple to create a great looking email newsletter in minutes and will even let you try their service for 30 days totally free. You can see details of
Getresponse at https://www.christowland.com/getresponse

You may also like to take a look at my own ‘Maximum Impact’ restaurant marketing solution that will help you to build an email list of hundreds of local diners within a matter of weeks.

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