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New Royaltie Upline updates for 2019 were revealed during our Big Texas event. Now in addition to our Royaltie VF Gem Product and landing pages we now have Email responders! At no extra cost to customers this new feature adds more value to our already great product.


If you would like to join Royaltie or you just want the new VF Gem for your business, give me a call at 410-929-3390

Royaltie Gem 2019, why use the new Royaltie VF Gem? no more gems to carry around all gems now are virtual. You can now plavce your ad anywhere in the world. Even better is that now you can place your ad across multiple platforms and you can do this from on location in your Royaltie back office. Anyone with a internet connection will see our ad, no longer the need for people to have their location, bluetooth and wifi on. For more information call me today 410-929-3390

The Royaltie Notification Network had a big update, the first of 2019. Royaltie announced a new Royaltie Gem and a new pricing plan for 2019 and it goes like this.
VF5 plan 5,000 impressions = $47/month
VF10 plan 10,000 impressions = $77/month
VF25 plan 25,000 impressions = $165/month
VF50 plan 50,000 impressions = $297/month

No more gems!

now you can get started with Royaltie for as low as $77 instead of the old $98 minimum start up cost, roughly a 20% savings!

Royaltie Notification Network is thriving while other beacon companies are going out of business or changing their whole business plan. Join Royaltie today and gain access to our industry leading training program for FREE! This contains hours upon hours of knowledge that you need to be successful in marketing you and your business properly! Join Royaltie today!


The Royaltie Gem and the Royaltie Notification Network can help out your proximity marketing business and help keep you afloat and your customers happy. Do not lose your business or your customres because of Google shutting down the Nearby platform. Royaltie is offering the best solution to this problem and can give you and your clients the smoothest transition in this time of change. The other solutions are not going to work, people are not going to download a app on to their phone so they can see ads. Its’s not going to work. We have the best solution and I suggest that you make the move now and keep your clients happy.


Royaltie Nearby Network is coming. Join Royaltie now to beat the price increase, our Royaltie gems will continue to reach cellphones without the need of having prospects to downlload any additional apps on their phone to see our notificaions.
The price increase will not effect current members or new members who sign up before December 1st when these upates take place.

Royaltie Gems ads will now show on Iphones with the new updates. Google is shutting down there Nearby notifications sending shockwaves through the proximity marketing industry. But as always Royaltie is once again leading the way while everyone else is trying to play catch up.
Google announced that on December 6th they will be eliminating Nearby. Royaltie prepared for the posibility of this happening and has always been looking for other options. Well the time is here now and Royaltie has a plan in place.

Sign Up For Royaltie Gem:


Prospects will not need to download a app to see our notifications. Our notifications will appear on cellphones through already existing apps on cellhones and the Gems will trigger the notification being seen.
Apps and websites like Yahoo, Aol, Forbes, Usa Today, Facebook And CNN for example!
Also Royaltie now will be reaching into China which is Huge!
These changes will be takinf effect Devember 1st and there also will be a price increase but not for existing members. So get grandfathered in to today at todays current prices!

This is very powerful and groundbreaking. I’m supper excited about what is to cme from Royaltie.
So now is the time to join Royaltie and position yourself for the windfall of clients that is to come.

Join Royaltie Today So Your Beacon Will Continue To Work After December:


If you have any questions, you can reach me at 410-929-3390

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