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Tough guy Casey is using GoDaddy Email Marketing to spread the word about his business. He’s passionate about what he does, and GoDaddy Email Marketing lets him connect with his customers and keep them informed so that they come back to buy more. See how Casey does it and how you can do it too.
Meet Casey. Casey owns his own business and is living the dream – a dream that also includes looong days, sleepless nights, and recurring bills.
But Casey is his own boss and is doing what he loves.
Casey just added this cuddly new bear to his store. How’s he going to find the time to get the word out to his customers? – He’ll use Email Marketing from GoDaddy. He quickly puts together an awesome email campaign and sends it to all the customers on his mailing list.
With Email Marketing, you can create eye-catching email newsletters, surveys, and notifications to your customers – and you’ll still have plenty of time to do what you love – running your business.
No two campaigns are the same. That’s why Email Marketing tracks everything – so you can see if recipients opened your mailings and clicked on the links. ‘Cause opens, clicks and orders are what it’s all about.
Like Casey, you have your hands full running and managing your daily business. You love it, but it’s hard. GoDaddy Email Marketing makes it less hard to promote your stuff, and keep in touch with new and existing customers.
Get Email Marketing today and start spreading the word.


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